Cindy Crawford


DeKalb, Illinois
Playboy Covers
July 1988 and October 1998
Guilty pleasure
Dark chocolate
On becoming a model
After one year of college at Northwestern, I realized I couldn't keep dividing my energies. I knew I had to make a choice and, well, modeling won out.
It was when fellow knockout Paulina Porizkova appeared on the pages and the cover of the August 1987 issue of Playboy that Cindy herself became a fan. "I was suddenly buying Playboy to see Paulina," she says, laughing, "but I never imagined that I'd actually do a layout in it one day. But then I saw what Herb Ritts did with Brigitte Nielsen in the December issue. And I thought, Wow, if he can make her look that good, I'd love to see what he could do with me. That's when I decided to go for it."

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