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AllieLegget (main)

Fire and Iceland: December 2017 Playmate Allie Leggett's Most Blazing Outtakes

By Ali Mitton

“The best thing about modeling is you never know what’s going to happen next. I just woke up one day and had a message: ‘Hey, do you want to go to Iceland to do this shoot?’" smiles Allie Leggett. “Absolutely incredible, and I never would have had the opportunity if I hadn’t stuck with it and thrown myself out there. Sometimes the best plans are no plans.” Lucky for us our December Playmate is up for an adventure. That aforementioned text message was from photographer Ali Mitton and next thing the two knew, they were making sexy magic in the Land of Fire and Ice. Emphasis on fire, as proven by these exclusive outtakes.

Photography by Ali Mitton.