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cover sophisticated-ape

"Put Your Hands On Me, You Damn Dirty Ape!": Remembering Our 2001 Fashion Pictorial

By Playboy Staff

This pictorial originally appeared in the September 2001 issue Playboy magazine.

Darwinism ignores one developmental reality: True evolution starts and ends at the mall. On the planet of fashionable apes, fall is the time to break out the big guns—and a little martial flair. In fashion circles, the buzzword is military. That doesn’t necessarily mean everything has epaulets and brass. Instead, it reflects a rugged, functional quality—even when it comes to suits. Thick corduroys, heavy velvets, tactical watches, chunky jewelry—there’s nothing wimpy about this stuff. You can be hard on these clothes and they’ll hold up. Cargo pants were just the tip of the iceberg. Things have evolved—and devolved—in an appropriately masculine way. We may even decide to threw away our razors.

Fashion Styling by Joseph De Acetis
Produced by Joe Dolce
Photography by Antonie Verglas