For Tommy Genesis, this moment has been a long time coming—and if that were a Tommy Genesis lyric, it would definitely be a double entendre. The rapper dropped her first mixtape, World Vision, in 2015 and has since released one audacious music video after another, including the self-directed "Tommy" featuring plenty of nude writhing in a bathtub. 

Her gutsy style and unabashedly sexualized tracks have garnered her a devoted fan base. "I once thought, Wouldn't it be awesome if everybody could listen to the same song, whatever your age? But then I didn't feel like I was being true to how I write," the half-Swedish, half-Tamil musician says. "If I'm saying, 'You gon' like the pussy, but I ain't no pussy'—yeah, that's about me. That's how I feel."

She even used her music's raw soul-searching as a way to come out as bisexual. ("I never thought it was shocking.") Having toured with Dua Lipa earlier this year, she's finally dropping her self-titled debut on Friday, Nov. 9; her fiery single "100 Bad" has already popped up on HBO's Insecure. "I'm in this in-between phase between who I was and who I am," she says. "Nothing feels like anything until my album comes out."

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Tommy Genesis
Tommy Genesis
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