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Miss November 2014

Gia Marie


  • Eye ColorGreen Eyes
  • Hair ColorRedheads
  • Birthdate02/05/85
  • HometownMalibu, California, United States
  • TitlesMiss November 2014
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About Gia Marie

Miss November 2014 Gia Marie is used to having immaculate hair and make-up. That’s because this Playmate of the Month also works professionally as a stylist. Gia has designed hair and makeup for a number of ads, magazine shoots and music videos. Some of her most famous clients include The Black Keys, Britney Spears and R. Kelly.

Gia was born in Calabasas, California, which is located in suburban western Los Angeles County. While growing up she and her friends often snuck into a neighbor’s garage to steal copies of Playboy. (Note from our circulation department: please always buy your Playboy.)

When Gia began modeling professionally, she longed to appear in the pages of the magazine she admired as a kid. She hooked up with Playboy through Instagram, eventually becoming Playmate of the Month. In addition to Playboy Gia has appeared in a number of other modeling shoots, most notably as part of Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary spread.

Gia’s centerfold shoot took place at the legendary Sheats-Goldstein Mansion—the home of porn magnate Jackie Treehorn in The Big Lebowski. Which seemed a perfect fit. Gia’s a Playmate who straddles the line between nostalgia and modernity. She confesses to an obsession with Almost Famous and Boogie Nights, two wonderful period pieces. And while she loves looking back at the past, she hopes to be the “dopest Playmate of the 2010s.”

Being a redhead is part of Gia’s identity and one of her most memorable qualities. She says, “Lots of guys tell me they love redheads because when they were young they opened a Playboy, saw a nude redhead for the first time and were hooked.” There are probably many men who feel the same way after seeing Gia’s Playmate centerfold.

With a busy schedule filled with modeling shoots and hair and makeup gigs, Gia embraces any free time she can find. She loves going to the beach as well as eating Mexican food and mint chocolate chip ice cream (though not together) in bed while online shopping. Her best friend is a 30-pound pug named Alfie.

For someone with two successful careers, Gia yearns to accomplish more with her life. She hopes to launch an international line of makeup bags and accessories. And if she has her way, there will be a man with big lips and strong jaws by her side.