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Legendary Lea


  • Eye ColorBlue Eyes
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate05/04/89
  • HometownSan Diego, California

About Legendary Lea

There’s something about a video-gamer girl. She’s probably a little introverted. A little extroverted. Enjoys playing characters. Knows how to have fun. Has a competitive streak. We’re not sure all of the above applies to LegendaryLea—after all, she seems pretty introverted—but it seems likely.

Who is Legendary Lea? Well, that’s her screen name (along with “Lea__May”), and with more than 150,000 YouTube subscribers, it’s probably the name she’s most used to responding to.

We don’t know too much about Lea—despite hours and hours of live video of her playing games like Hearthstone via Twitch, the site set up for just such a purpose. Basically, you watch her watch herself playing a game (and watch the game itself, while you’re at it.)

On YouTube, she shares some of the same videos, along with some of her decorating her Christmas tree or talking about a recent snowboarding trip. She drinks, dances and curses in front of the camera, occasionally talking to other gamers who are chatting with her.

Lea’s ability to stream video on Twitch, though, was temporarily shut down in late 2015, apparently because she wasn’t wearing enough clothing. It’s back up now, though, and in her profile she shares that she’s been playing video games since she was five, when she played Super Nintendo games with her older brothers.

More recently, she studied psychology and neuroscience and graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2012. She posed for in January 2016, and the accompanying article referred to her as the “girl you always dreamed about back in high school.”

Long purple hair is her go-to. Noise-canceling black headphones are almost always on her head. She often has a drink in hand.

“Things I enjoy besides gaming: Surfing, yoga, hiking, going to the movies, and your average helicopter dick demonstration.”