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Nage Melamed


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate11/13/93
  • HometownHanalei Bay, Hawaii

About Nage Melamed

Pro surfer Nage Melamed was born to be in water. No, really. Hawaiian-born Nage was born in a Jacuzzi, and this bombshell’s first name means “to swim” in French. She started surfing at a young age, and she’s already made a splash on the surf scene with her board skills and natural beauty.

Born into a boarding family, Nage first started surfing at age three, began competing at 10, and turned pro at 14. Since then, she has competed in and placed in various levels of competition, including placing second in the ASP World Junior Championships Australia in 2012 and placing fourth in the 2013 ISA World Cup in China. She also lent her talents as a stuntwoman in the 2011 flick Soul Surfer.

Nage spends her time traveling the world competing in ASP Women’s events and also represents her home state of Hawaii in the ISA World Championships against more than 30 nations, according to PR firm Stanton & Company. Her sponsors include Fox Clothing, Ted Shred Candles, Makani McDonald Surfboards, and Ocean & Earth clothing.

This young beauty has amassed quite a fan base on Instagram, too, with more than 71,600 followers perusing her collection of sexy bikini shots, surfer pics, and posts hanging with friends and family.

She told Playboy that her favorite part about being a pro surfer is the ability to travel the world, seeing different places and meeting new people. To her, surfing is an outlet. “I feel stressed out, I can get in the water and it just washes away,” she says. “And just being on the board and, like, working with Mother Nature is probably the best feeling.”

Along with surfing, Nage told Fox Clothing that her favorite things to do besides surfing are to dance, work out, and “find cute boys.” Oh, and she shared with Playboy some advice for those cute boys looking to date a surfer. “Make sure you always have a cold beverage – preferably a margarita – when I get out of the water.