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Nikki Limo


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate11/02/86
  • HometownSanta Barbara, California

About Nikki Limo

Actress, comedian, and YouTube sensation Nikki Limo was born Nov. 2, 1986 in Santa Barbara, California to white and Filipino parents. She started acting at age eight, but quit when her talent manager died two years later. “I had almost gone into another field entirely, but something pulled me back when I was 19, and I decided to pursue acting full time,” Nikki said in an interview with Horror Society. “While waiting for gigs, I started writing and performing stand-up.”

Nikki helped launch Laughology, the stand-up comedy program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and began performing regularly while studying acting. Around the same time, she fell into making videos for the web. She started with MySpace, then in 2009 submitted a sketch for a new YouTube channel called TotallySketch and met Michael Gallagher. The pair started working together, and Michael introduced her to the YouTube community.

“I knew nothing about YouTube, but suddenly I was working with their top 100 channels. I gained a huge subscriber base with virtually no content of my own, just from those channels driving to mine, and realized, hey, maybe I should start making my own content again,” Nikki told Horror Society.

Her own content was a huge hit, and she quickly racked up a following of more than 300,000 subscribers on her own channel. “Creating my own content gives me the joy I feel from writing stand-up, combined with the love I have for acting,” she said. “I’ve always felt very welcomed and at home with the YouTube community, as I lived a very contrasted life working the audition circuit in traditional media.”

The YouTube success led to other acting gigs, including appearances on TV shows like 90210 and How I Met Your Mother. In 2012, she broke onto the big screen with the horror film Smiley, and followed it up with 2014’s Mischief Night and 2015’s The Worst Year of My Life.

Outside of her acting, Nikki has a love of kittens. As she puts it on her Facebook page, “Legend has it, she used to be one. Hence her cat-like reflexes.”