Playboy Club London

Opened in June 2011, Playboy Club London has become Mayfair's ultimate entertainment venue. Our world-class casino (open to Playboy Club London members 24/7) with iconic Bunny croupiers, three fabulous salle privés, The Dining Room restaurant and relaxed Players Bar offer luxurious gaming, food and sports around the clock. Immerse yourself in Playboy heritage at The Tale Bar (open to both members and non-members) and let the iconic Bunnies serve up something delightful. And in Baroque (open to both members and non-members), we have a uniquely decadent, flamboyant nightspot where you can enjoy live music, Champagne towers and great food.


Playboy Club London
020 3504 7972
14 Old Park Lane, Mayfair
London, United Kingdom
Hosting some of the best parties in Mayfair, Playboy Club London can tailor the perfect event for all your corporate or private celebrations. Members enjoy  our exclusive Casino and can book a table in the Dining Room, where chefs source the finest and freshest international ingredients to bring you exceptional and elegant food. Relax and unwind with a cigar and a cognac, or take a spin on the Slots on our welcoming outdoor terrace. Drink, dine or catch all the latest live sporting action in our dedicated Players Bar.  Apply for your membership at London’s most iconic casino today. Simply visit the club and we will take you through the whole membership process* or contact us for more information today.

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