Alice Antoinette


Jacksonville, Florida
When I'm not modeling...
Horseback riding has been my biggest passion for as far back as I can remember. Making a bond with a creature so much bigger and stronger than I am is one of the most beautiful, enlightening experiences I've ever had.
Hidden talent
I am wickedly good at baking. Cookies, brownies, and cakes are my specialties. I have quite the sweet tooth.
Biggest turn-on
A man's confidence in himself turns me on the most. Not to be confused with arrogance in one's self, which turns me off the most.
"Posing nude has never been a second thought . I like to be nude, more so than clothed," says Alice Antoinette. "Having my body showcased in photographs is my art, and the photo shoots themselves are always fun." The model's liberated spirit is matched by her passion for animals. Not only does she spend every spare moment she can with her horses ("Horseback-riding is my way of life," she says), Alice is also a licensed veterinary technician. A Florida native, she moved to Upstate New York for high school, where she also got her college degree. "I graduated as a Veterinary Technician with an Associate's in Applied Science in 2017, and became licensed a few months later. I now work as a full time Licensed Veterinary Technician. I was the youngest to graduate in my class, and one of the youngest working in the field. I have always known my calling was to help animals feel better when they are sick or injured, and I strive to provide the best in animal healthcare that I can to the animal patients that are admitted into our hospital every day."

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