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Anaheim, California
Biggest turn-on
Put a little extra time in for me. A spritz of cologne never goes unnoticed.
You have to start somewhere. If the gym seems intimidating, try an outdoor sport. Every little bit counts.
Something you don't know about me
I love Halloween and everything sci-fi. Sailor Jupiter, Wonder Woman, Maria Hill: I've dressed as them all.
For fitness model, entrepreneur and October 2015 Playmate, Ana Cheri, Playboy has always represented female beauty in a distinct and powerful way. "I grew up thinking the women in Playboy were so beautiful,” the brown-eyed beauty reminisced during her intimate pictorial. “I wanted to be them, and I'm a go-getter. This is me reminding the world that women's bodies are beautiful. Appreciate them, love them and respect them.” 

The stunning model, gym owner, motivational speaker and Instagram star (who has accrued tens of millions of followers – justifiably so) has married her unmeasured beauty with business savvy to launch a prolific fitness brand, Cheri Women, where she is steadfast in helping people improve their lives, offering positivity wherever possible. "It's hugely satisfying when I see people accomplish their journeys, fitness or otherwise," she smiles. "When I know others are happy, it's a kind of gratification unlike any other. That's why I do what I do. I want a career where I can make people's lives better."

With legions of doting followers and admirers fawning over her colorful and curvy aesthetic with every double-tap and adoring comment, the California native has further evolved her already successful fitness brand to become an even bigger lifestyle brand, complete with educational e-books and her own line of activewear and swimwear for women.Citing a staunch adoration for dressing up – and a body that practically begs for it – Cheri jumps at every opportunity to cosplay. “I love Halloween and everything sci-fi,” she tells Playboy. “Sailor Jupiter, Wonder Woman, Maria Hill: I've dressed as them all.”

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