Angel Constance


Toronto, Canada
Thoughts on thoughts:
They kill because the mind can be broken easily and worse still it can be coaxed into blind, unyielding conviction.
In my free time...
I'm reading, singing and hanging out with friends
Words of wisdom:
Allow yourself to be broken, allow yourself to be weary, allow your soul to rest but not too long or the peace of it all will hold you there.
“I like to be naked, eat cookies and look longingly into cameras,” jokes Angel Constance, a model with a sense of humor as refreshing as her uncommonly lovely looks. Toronto-born and Toronto-based, Angel has the unique ability to pull off a straight-up fart joke and then immediately counter it with a deep thought: "I wanted to be so much more than I am but then I realized I've slowly become something better, something I'm proud to be," she says. Angel is also full of solid advice: "People will always try to trip you no matter which way you run. They prey on your need to be accepted. Stand your ground instead and they'll fall back." 

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