Bonnie Strange

No matter what life may throw her way, December 2018 Playboy Germany cover model Bonnie Strange seems to be clear on two things. First, she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to. And second, she can do it on her own, thank you very much.

Strange, née Jana Weilert, was born in Russia before moving to Berlin in pursuit of a modeling career. She pushed herself even further in 2012 when she designed a fashion line and sold the goods in her own boutique which, in the spirit of awkward translations, she named “The Shit Shop.” This was a period of experimentation and exploration for young Jana, who found love, tried her hand at acting and founded a girl group called The Rio Girls. It was around this time that Jana became Bonnie Strange. Her story only gets more fascinating from there.

Strange, 32, is now a certified social media influencer with close to 1 million Instagram followers. On the cover of Playboy Germany she openly celebrates her body’s new curves, courtesy of her daughter’s birth in May 2018. These days she is also heralding the power and freedom that comes with single motherhood. "I always wanted to be alone,” Strange said in an interview with “It's actually cool that it's the way it is now." She admits, however, to sometimes leaning on her mother to pitch in with baby Goldie Venus. "Even a grandma can be a good daddy," the model insists. In her world, what seems Strange is actually exactly as it should be.

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