Brittany Brousseau


La Mesa, California
Honesty, passion and charisma
Me in a nutshell
From tomboy to Playboy Playmate
I have a weakness for...
Men who can cook
“I wanted romance. I wanted sex appeal. I wanted fur, luxury and lace,” says May 2015 Playmate Brittany Brousseau of her Playboy pictorial, set at an opulent colonial mansion in southern California. “And you? I want you to be intrigued.” Such unabashed hedonism speaks volumes about this wild spirit, a French-Cherokee model from Kansas who describes herself as both a sexually adventurous thrill seeker and a diehard romantic. “Think of me as sweetness mixed with fire,” she says. Think of Brittany as anything but the girl next door, despite her humble beginnings. “I grew up on a farm, which meant baling hay and breaking ice before school. But I always knew I wanted something more.” At 18, mere weeks before she was to enroll in a police academy, Brittany went looking for more. She moved to Miami by herself and pursued modeling full-time. After immediate success in commercial print campaigns, Brittany relocated to California, “hopin’ to dream, baby.” There, she found her true self—and caught the eye of Playboy.

“I’m still a country girl at heart with rough edges—a fun-loving bar girl who plays pool—but my energy has always been very sensual,” she says. “That’s why this was my dream shoot. For the first time, who I see on the outside matches who I am on the inside.” Fearless and confident, Brittany hopes to explore more of the world as a Playmate. “This is the happiest I’ve ever been, and I can’t wait to experience the nicer, luxe things in life. I want to travel. I want to learn a new language. I want to see the seven wonders of the world,” she says, pausing. “And of course I want to become the eighth!”

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