Brook Power

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Inglewood, California
My role model
Sacagawea broke through the strict gender restrictions of North American culture.
I believe in...
Giving power to the people, prioritizing education and keeping this country as free as we can.
My happy place
The ocean is my connection to God and makes me feel good, without fail.
May 2016 Playmate and 2017 Playmate of The Year, Brook Power is a self-described “surfer chick who rides horses.” It’s a simple biography, but that’s the beauty of the model’s granola, go-with-the-flow aesthetic.

Raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Power grew up revelling in the splendour of the ocean and the jungle. “Growing up in Hawaii was the best,” she told Playboy during her PMOY interview. “We played on the beach and in the surf and in caves all day. I think it kept me silly and mellow. Also, the Hawaiian sense of humor is very self-deprecating and humble, which I think is good to have in [this] business.”

Power now spends her days in sunny Inglewood, California, where, in addition to modelling, the bohemian beauty works as a visual artist (or in her words, a "very non-digital collage-art maker") whose intricately layered pieces inspire feelings of surreal euphoria. 

When she's not working as a model or artist, Powers spends downtime riding her horse bareback on mountain trails and surfing in Malibu. “I probably feel most beautiful when I’m surfing at home in Hawaii,” Power, an intrinsic free spirit, shares. “That sounds so cheesy, but having that life force surrounding you and the water on your skin, moving under your feet, you definitely feel powerful, as though you’ve harnessed this great natural energy. You’re not just a spectator – you’re making it even more beautiful by being there.”

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