Carly Lauren


West Hills, California
On my roots
I'm from central California, where we love our rodeos and country music.
Biggest turn-ons
I love guys who are masculine yet vulnerable. What a sexy combo!
I'm not into...
Arrogance, bad manners, bad grammar (grammar nazi here!) and guys who bring me down with their insecurities.
"I can be responsible," says Carly Lauren, "but I can be a wild and spontaneous creature, too. I definitely have a gypsy in my soul, so if I want to run away and join the circus, I will. And I do." After juggling bartending, modeling, school (she graduated with a business degree) and acting assignments, the self-described "extremely ambitious" blonde was looking for the next big thing while living on a remote California spread with her three horses. Then Playboy discovered her on Instagram. 

"I'm shy about a lot of things," she says. "But not too shy about getting naked." She also happens to be a workout fiend. "I'm at the gym every day. It just makes me happy. And when I'm alone, I'm always naked," she says. "When I'm at my fittest is when I feel my sexiest." 

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