Cherie Noel


Current city
Los Angeles, California
On shooting nude
I’m kind of a free spirit anyway, so it’s just like I’m in my own zone.
Most people don't know...
I like to free dive. I love the water.
My muse
Kate Moss. She’s a petite model, but she’s done every type of modeling
"When I moved to Los Angeles, I had never modeled. My best friend, who I met out here, is a photographer, and she got me into it. It’s kind of funny—my very first audition was for Playboy. I didn’t get accepted, and I still have the letter saying that I didn’t get it. I was 18. I was totally not ready for it," Cherie Noel is ready now. The Los Angeles-based model entered Playboy's 2017 Discovered & Be Discovered search mostly because she wanted a pair of bunny ears to wear by the pool at Tao Beach. Needless to say, she ultimately took the top spot. It's not hard to see why. 

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