Christopher Stroop

A prominent voice in the exvangelical community and movement, Christopher Stroop grew up indoctrinated in hardline evangelical Protestantism and mobilized to help “take back the country for Christ” by churches and Christian schools. Having long since switched sides in the culture wars, Stroop is now passionate about human rights, social justice, and exposing the Christian Right as an authoritarian bloc whose ideology is antithetical to democracy. Holding a Ph.D. in modern Russian history from Stanford University, Stroop has taught at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in Moscow and at the University of South Florida in Tampa, in addition to publishing and editing peer-reviewed scholarship, and is currently a senior research associate with Postsecular Conflicts, an international, interdisciplinary research project based at the University of Innsbruck. Stroop’s unusual combination of academic expertise and lived experience gives striking breadth to his work as a freelance writer, public speaker, journalist, and commentator on a range of subjects including religion and politics, the US Christian Right, Russia, and foreign policy. Stroop’s work, which frequently brings historical perspective to bear on contemporary social and political issues, has appeared in outlets including Playboy, Political Research Associates, Foreign Policy, Dame Magazine, EurasiaNet, The Moscow Times, Religion Dispatches, and others. A popular Twitter personality (@C_Stroop), Stroop also maintains a blog, Not Your Mission Field, at

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