Crista Flanagan


Mount Vernon, Illinois
Words of advice
Everybody should know we're not all on the same page, and that's okay. Just do you.
What I value most
My relationships are my the most important things to me. Especially those with my dogs.
On posing nude
It was so different and cool. It was an experience I will never forget. I’m glad I did it.
As the quirky and flighty Lois Sadler on Mad Men, comedic actress Crista Flanagan went from being a nosy switchboard opera­tor who blindly lusts after a gay man to a clueless secretary who acciden­tally lops off the foot of her company's head honcho. Her deft portrayal of the dim-witted Lois is hardly surprising —Flanagan is a pro when it comes to funny, having honed her comedic chops on MADtv and in such parody films as Disas­ter Movie and Meet the Spartans

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