Danielle Lloyd


Liverpool, England
Miss Great Britain
Best body part
My bottom
Before I was a model
I wanted to be a forensic scientist
The first thing you notice about Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd—after he face, of course, and her hair and her perfect body and the smoothness of her radiant skin—is her voice. Danielle's breathy British accent would give Austin Powers the shivers. Listening to her talk about her days at an all-girls school in her hometown of Liverpool is almost too much to bear. "We wore knee-high socks and five-inch heels," she says, "with our skirts rolled up. The female teachers often complained—though funnily enough the male teachers never did."

Danielle enjoys the spotlight as Miss Great Britain. She no longer lives in Liverpool, but the way she talks about it would make any American man want to move lock, stock and barrel to the Beatles' birthplace. "All the girls from Liverpool are gorgeous," she says, pushing her luxuriously long auburn hair out of her eyes. It's one of those cities where girls take care of themselves, so it's like a daily competition. I'm glad I'm in London now, where I can go out in tracksuits."