Gia Genevieve


Pasadena, California
Current occupation
Model and showgirl
When I'm not modeling
You can find me at a flea market
Known for
Retro pinup style
A modern incarnation of Jayne Mansfield with the buxom confidence of Anna Nicole Smith, March 2015 Playboy cover girl Gia ­Genevieve captivates in little more than black stilettos, cherry-red lipstick and delicate lace, ready to slake our thirst for nostalgia. “Jayne and Anna Nicole are two of my inspirations, along with Marilyn Monroe,” she says. “They made sexuality something not to be ashamed of but to be embraced.” Who better to celebrate our love of lingerie than a woman whose very essence seduces us as much as the silk and sheer she wears? For her cover shoot, we paired Gia with Ellen von Unwerth, the renowned fashion photographer who discovered her, and turned a retro New York pad into a domestic fantasy. “The corset was my favorite,” says Gia. “There’s something about the restriction of being tied up and how it forms the most beautiful shape on my body.” The 32G model, well versed in the language of lingerie, hopes to launch her own line—one that showcases the beauty of the female form. “After all,” she says, “the tease of what’s underneath is so much more exciting than seeing a woman in the nude.”

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