Gia Marie


Malibu, California
I'm grateful for
My rad family
To launch a line of makeup bags
Man jewelry
Could there be a more subjective word than bad? Take November 2014 Playmate Gia Marie's "bad girl" tale, for example. "Growing up in Calabasas, California," the model says, "my crazy friends and I would 'borrow' Playboys from my neighbor's garage, ogle the gorgeously made-up girls and think, We're so naughty—we're so bad!" Gia was actually forming a now highly evolved aesthetic that led to her becoming one of L.A.'s top makeup artists; she's buffed faces for TV ads, fashion spreads and even music videos for bands such as the Black Keys. Though a fiery profes­sional success and self-confessed Hollywood-nightlife mainstay, she was haunted by a nagging question: "Why is it taking so long for me to become a Play­mate?" Once the auburn-haired hottie hooked up with us on Instagram, we knew she had the goods and that her long-awaited shoot had to happen at a site worthy of her uber-coolness. Behold Gia in the legendary Sheats-Goldstein residence overlook­ing Benedict Canyon. (Movie buffs will recognize architect John Lautner's concrete marvel as Jackie Treehorn's manse in The Big Lebowski.) "That house is so iconic, and I felt so hot and sexy there, I never wanted to leave," says Gia. "November is the perfect month for me, because I associate it with fall's warm colors—like my hair. Lots of guys tell me they love redheads because when they were young they opened a Playboy, saw a nude redhead for the first time and were hooked." Then Gia smiles slyly. "I'm pretty sure some guy will see my pictorial here, and my red hair will resonate for him and give him a fetish for life. My mission will be accomplished."