Jocelyn Corona


Guadalajara, Mexico
I knew I made it when...
It was really exciting to be one of the most requested models and first plus-size girl doing five shows in Fashion Week.
Biggest misconception:
People see the word "Latinos" as a trend, and it's not a trend. It's a culture.
What inspires me:
Diversity. Models of all colors and all ethnicities
Jocelyn Corona began modeling at the age of 16 in her home country of Mexico. "I was always thinking I was too big to be a model," she says. "I never thought it was a possibility to become one." While she now recognizes social media as a "massive platform," particularly when it comes to paving the way for curve models like herself, she wasn't always all about it. "I wasn't really into it when I started modeling. And it turns out that lots of people from Mexico and other countries started to follow me. So many girls, they started to feel represented by someone that looks like that or is from where they are. So I think that's when I started realizing how important it is for me to share my story, my experience with them." Not only are we happy Jocelyn chose to share her world with the rest of us, we're thrilled to see her changing the modeling game. "I'm doing it," she proclaims. "And if I'm doing it, anyone can do it."

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