Joyce Chiu


Current city
New York, New York
My take on women
Powerful women aren't bossy, we just know what we deserve.
Words of advice
There's beauty in the struggle.
I believe...
Bad gals do it better.
Joyce Chiu may be a sweet Southern belle at heart (a Georgia peach, to be specific), but the New York-based model isn't afraid of a little trouble. You could even call her trouble herself. "Good girls ain't no fun," she says. Joyce is also not afraid to put a little effort into his appearance. "I've always been a big believer in the motto, 'Look good, feel good,'" she says. "When I feel down, I like to dress up because it'll make me feel like I have my shit together even when I probably don't." A few other things to know about Joyce: She's a self-proclaimed big fan of puns; the music she loves includes Sabrina Claudio, Mabel and Jorja Smith and whenever she feels stuck, she springs for a dramatic haircut.