Karen McDougal


Gary, Indiana
Blue eyes, bubble butts (rounded glutes), strawberries and champagne at the hot tub
I respond to a man who's...
Sensitive to a woman's needs, creative romantically yet knows how to be wild
I'd love
A candlelit dinner in Paris, then a walk on the beach
If the name Karen McDougal sounds particularly familiar, it's because she's perhaps even more relevant in 2018 than she was when she made centerfold status back in December of 1997, when she was a 26-year-old preschool teacher. More recently, she's made headlines for speaking up about her alleged 10-month affair with President Donald Trump. Now unabashedly outspoken, it's hard to imagine McDougal was once on the shyer side. "I was always wholesome little Karen," she said in her Playmate interview. "In high school my nickname was Barbie, as in Barbie doll--the nice, sweet, perfect girl. That sort of girl isn't expected to be seen in the most-looked-at men's magazine in the world." At this point we know to expect the unexpected from McDougal. 

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