Kat Singleton


Houston, Texas
My passion
I love fashion and graphic design. Art is a big part of my life. I’m studying marketing and minoring in creative work so I can invest in my designs and bring them to life someday.
Stay chill
Meditating frees my mind from stress and allows me to connect more with my work. I also try to be mindful and thoughtful with whatever I do so I’m prepared for that “next step.”
What I want
I try to steer clear of on-campus dating—everyone knows everyone. I’m attracted to a bright personality and a great sense of humor. And displaying a dedication to something is very alluring—hard work always pays off!
At first impression, Kat Singleton might strike you as reserved, shy even, but after a few moments with her, anyone with any savvy will realize her mildness means she's taking it all in. Inherently chill and wise beyond her years, the University of Houston student (poised to graduate in 2021) is currently focused on marketing. "My major will allow me to work with others as a TEAM and combine our visions in order to create the best possible outcome!" she says. "Given platform status, I will try to instill into young girls that it is okay to be sexy and college-educated at the same time. Do not focus on the physical beauty, we all have to work hard in order to achieve our goals, whether it is inner or physical beauty, it is always the hard work that pays off." As for what Kat looks for when it comes to other people, Kat says, "Displaying dedication for something in which you’ve worked hard for is very alluring," She looks for "a bright personality and great sense of humor." 

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