Kayslee Collins


San Diego, California
Whether it be through music or modeling, I'm here to inspire
You are likely to find me...
At a cool diver bar listening to local bands and drinking an old fashioned.
Recipe to my heart
One teaspoon of nerd, two cups of sugar and some adventure sprinkled on top!
A blonde-haired, blue-eyed blur of busy, Kayslee Collins just can't stop the beat. "I'm a workaholic," she says. "The more I do, the more I feel I have to do." Born in San Diego, Kayslee made her stage debut at the age of five. By the age of 16 she had done more than 25 commercials ("Practically every national Barbie and Nickelodeon commercial you could see," she says), and throughout her teenage—years she made bubbly dance-pop music aimed at the Disney crowd. "I worked and didn't really have a normal childhood, but I loved what I did," she says without hesitation. "I always thought it was what I was supposed to doing." 

Kayslee is now a Los Angeles-based songbird with an indie-pop publishing deal, as well as a red-hot model. She aced her most successful year yet by appearing in an H&M campaign that lit up Times Square, snagging a commercial for Subaru and posing as your February 2015 Playmate. "I didn't dream Playboy would be where I'd end up," Kayslee says with a gorgeous grin, "but it's perfect, because I idolize Playboy icons like Jenny McCarthy, Anna Nicole Smith and especially Marilyn Monroe. I grew up worshipping Marilyn, and like her, I love being open about my sexuality. From my music to these pictures, everything I do has a sexual edge. It's a huge part of me."

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