Kyra Milan


Lake City, Florida
Good times
Sex in random places
Celebrity Crush
Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite band
Kyra Milan describes herself as an art freak, citing no less than master surrealist Salvador Dali as her "all-time inspiration." While becoming an artist is one of her ambitions, she has also had a life­long dream not just to be a Playmate but—amazingly—to be a March Playmate. "It started," says the nascent model and actress, "when I was a little girl and saw the movie Adventures in Babysitting. One of the biggest hypes in the movie was that the kids Elisabeth Shue was babysitting thought she was the March Centerfold. I was like, 'Mom! Dad! I'm gonna be Miss March one day!'" After a Playboy scout spotted Kyra in Tampa years later, things happened quickly. Let's face it: She is perfect for the job. "I'm a 'good girl,' and I believe in monogamy, but I love talking about sex. I love having sex. And what I love about Playboy is that it has taught people there's nothing wrong with that," Kyra says. "The magazine has always said that sex is about passion and love and fun, and that's what I believe too. I'm so happy to be part of the Playmate family."