Lada Kravchenko


Moscow, Russia
What I look for
Security is the most boring thing on earth for me. I just want adventures all the time.
Something you don't know about me
I'm a programmer. Yeah, database systems and computer tech: That's my profession. I'm a nerd!
On kicking back
I drink because I'm Russian. But I'm a bit weird because my go-tos are champagne and beer.
The authentically humble model: a unicorn-like myth or a real, if rare, phenomenon? Moscow-born May Playmate Lada Kravchenko will have you convinced such beings walk among us. Her cool, classical beauty may conjure such words as flawless and intimidating, but she would like you to know things aren’t always what they seem. “Many girls judge themselves harshly because they look at other people on Instagram and think, ‘She’s living the perfect life.’ Nobody lives a perfect life.”

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