Langley Fox


Current city
Los Angeles, California
On her first modeling gig
It was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m much more comfortable talking about art than modeling.
In middle school...
I got voted Most Unique Style. But I don’t think it was supposed to be a compliment!
On Los Angeles life
I don't look like I'm from LA, I look like I'm probably a little gothic but literally, I love the sunshine more than anything and I spend so much time in it. I think it's that perfect medium between nature, health but also a little bit of city and youth.
When freelance artist Langley Fox shed her Hemingway last name, it signaled a rebirth—and, as a testament to her abilities, it hasn’t hurt her career. Fashion houses and art-pop magazines have commissioned her work, which “emulates the things around me,” she says. So it makes sense that when we asked her to run wild with photographer Kava Gorna for an illustrated pictorial, Langley became inspired by their surroundings. “We went out with a loose plan on a hot summer day among flowers, trees, lakes, blue skies and lots of laughs. It was almost obvious that nature would become the thread,” says Langley. “Our biggest challenge was dodging cars and climbing over fences to find secret places,” adds Kava. “And I can’t be too specific about where we shot, because we definitely didn’t have permission to be there.”

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