Liza Kei


Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Myself in three words
Funny, sexy, sarcastic
What makes me feel sexy
Clean hair and beautiful new lingerie
I can't live without...
Russian food, Adidas pants and a good book for plane rides
If Liza Kei’s otherworldly blue-eyed gaze and delicately wrought bone structure look familiar, it’s probably because she graced our March 2013 cover. “When I was first asked, I said, ‘Are you calling the right number?’ ” she recalls, laughing. “So I called my mom and told her, ‘Listen, this is the deal.’ Typical Russian mom, her response was ‘What if you can’t marry a prince because you were in playboy?’ I was like, ‘I can live with that.’ After thinking about it, I decided I want my grandchildren to say Grandma was a Playboy cover girl.”The former ballet dancer and aspiring architect was discovered at a recital in her hometown of Rostov-on-Don when she was 17; she’s been modeling ever since. “The Russian ballerina is a classic cliché,” she says with a grin. “Second on the list after model!” At first Liza wasn’t sure she’d succeed. “Models always used to be super-tall divas. I’m more of a girl next door.”

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