Lorena Medina


Mexico City, Mexico
Call her clairvoyant
When I do readings, I open myself up and ask permission. But when it comes to channeling something, you just never know because it’s not you. It’s another energy. I didn’t believe in it, but now I do.
Confidence game
The way I carry myself and my energy is what makes me sexy. If you love yourself and feel sexy, then you’re the hottest.
Best shot
Tequila is my favorite drink. If you ask me what I want to drink, I’ll say Don Julio 1942, always.
Rebel. Survivor. Wild child. Lorena Medina is all of this and more. A  bundle of energy with a lilting voice and a sparkling, hypnotic gaze, Lorena is living her dream – but as in all fairy tales, a difficult past was the prelude. “It was like Cinderella story, or a telenovela,” says the Mexico City native (who apparently is a Playmate and a poet). “Both my parents passed away when I was 16, so I had to figure things out on my own. I got a fake ID and started go-go dancing in clubs. I did what I had to do survive.”

In 2013, Lorena moved to Los Angeles. “I was a bottle service girl at a placed called Baja Junkie in Hermosa Beach, and a woman came up to me with her business card. That’s when I knew I could do modeling.” Since then, her career has surged. “I guess since I was little some part of me knew I was going to be something," adding that a chance encounter at her old job "was a reminder I have a bit of star in me.” In addition to her modeling gigs – including an immensely popular cowgirl pictorial in Playboy's January/February 2018 issue – Lorena has been logging a lot of time in recording studios. “I’ve been writing songs and learning to play piano, and I’m in a girl group. Think Spice Girls but in 2018,” she says with a giggle. Lorena is also pursuing an unusual avocation: intuitive medium. “I’ve felt weirdly in tune with things since I was a kid. Then one day a few years ago, I channeled someone with no warning," she says. "I went to get my tarot cards read and they told me, ‘You have a gift and it’s very strong.’ I’d always thought it was bullshit, but suddenly a lot of things made sense.”

Whether Medina is channeling vibrations or creating her own, her passiona is palpable. A rising star, indeed.