Maelys Garouis

French model Maëlys Garouis is as mysterious as she is alluring, and she clearly prefers it that way. Not only does she maintain a sparse social media presence, but also when asked to list her gender on a stats card for modeling agency Bellazon, Garouis responded, “not telling.” And really, does it even matter? What’s important is that her brand of beauty—a natural and effortless cool that could come off as intimidating if you stare too long—tells us just enough to leave us wanting more. She’s the girl next door if you happen in live inside of a James Bond film.

Paris-based photographer Neil Snape called Garouis “one of the best new faces I have ever seen.” And photographer Ali Mitton, who shot the up and coming stunner in Provence, France for Playboy’s November/December 2018 issue, has been known to refer to the young model as her muse. She’s in high demand, as evidenced by her association with numerous modeling agencies, including LA Models, MD Management and Wonderwall to name just a few. As far as Garouis is concerned, maybe that’s all you need to know for now.

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