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Beirut, Lebanon
Washington Redskins
A porn star is controversial by nature. For Mia Khalifa (also known as Mia Callista), the controversy is off the charts. She’s not just a Lebanese former porn star—some say she is the first Lebanese porn star. In 2015 she became the most-searched porn star on Pornhub, which is by many accounts the most-watched porn site on the Internet. That notoriety—and the lines from the Lebanese National Anthem inked on her wrist, prominent in her videos—has brought her plenty of attention, including by Lebanese critics and newspapers that shunned her and ISIS, which threatened her. “They’re embarrassed I’m ‘claiming’ them—as if I had a choice,” she told Newsweek. “I was born there.”

Mia moved from Beirut to Montgomery County, Maryland, with her family at age 10. She graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in art history and now lives in Austin, after a short stint in Los Angeles where she cohosted a Complex web series about sports. Khalifa's cultural footprint is so profound electro-pop duo Timeflies was inspired to release an off-the-cuff track singing her praises, called “Mia Khalifa." She remains quick to take the praise and reject the critics, always owning her decisions and embracing her lifestyle. In response to a tweet saying, “Someone needs to save Mia Khalifa … she deserves better,” she responded, “LMAO I don’t wanna be saved.” Khalifa is now making her big play in sports commentary, hoping to become one of the most famous female voices in the arena.

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