Molly Constable


Albany, New York
I really love...
Snowboarding. It's probably my favorite thing ever to do. I try and do it as much, as often as I can.
If I was a cocktail...
I'd be a Moscow mule because they're served in a copper mug and that's extra as fuck!
On my playlist
Tina Turner, The Cure, $uicide boy$, Kaleida, Poliça, Gidge...basically everything
""When I was 17, I was on Instagram and it was when hashtags were first becoming a thing. I was looking through all the hashtags and I clicked a photo and it happened to be my now mother agency’s photo," Molly Constable explains of her entrance into the modeling world. "They had reached out to me on this fucking awful selfie that I took and they were like, 'Are you a model?' and I was like, 'No, but I don’t want to go to college right now so I’ll be a model.' Then they sent me to New York City and I signed with an agency." But the upstate New York native wasn't prepared to be labeled a "plus-size" model, and she didn't let it happen. Actually, she has a few words of advice for the modeling industry: "Stop using it as a marketing ploy and use it as if you really want, if you really want to be inclusive with all sizes, then you just have to add ten sizes to your clothing and that’s it. You don’t need to make it into these big headlines. People will still pick up on it if you just do it. Instead of making people feel like everyone wants to be part of something, but you’re making the plus women feel still excluded from things, if that makes sense. As for the type of person she is, in case you didn't have a good idea yet? "I just go with the flow," she says. 

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