Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains is known for traversing between the boundaries of American iconography and international aesthetics. She's versatile and knows how to tap into many different sides of her personality. One second she looks like a Hollywood Starlet from the '50s, the next like a cowgirl ready to swing into action. 

Daisy Chains was born in the Valley, where she was raised on hearty doses of film, photography, painting and fashion. The bilingual (English & French) model looks to iconic figures like Brigitte Bardot, Britney Spears, Cher, Priscilla Presley, and Sharon Tate for inspiration. The 19-year old model/student has aspired to be a part of the Playboy brand ever since she stumbled across our October 1974 issue. The vintage aesthetic of the publication influenced this very shoot.

In addition, for her Playboy featured shoot, Daisy Chains and photographer, David Lekach, channeled Bridget Bardot and the style of 60s western films. She was inspired by the way the films capture the untamable nature of the wild west.

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