Nina Daniele

Data Sheet

Bronx, New York
On relationships
At the end of the day, we don't have time for games. Show someone you like, love and care for them. Always text back!
What I look for in a guy
Directness and open body language
My take on nudity
Why is showing nipples a taboo? Then again, the whole "free the nipple" thing? Just let it go. Move on to something else.
Nina Daniele is comfortable with being uncomfortable. “I find some satisfaction in it,” April Playmate says. The only child of artist parents, she’s all buoyant energy and unapologetic candor. She’s also an introspective extrovert with an infectiously frequent giggle. In between modeling jobs, Nina has satisfied herself with quieter pursuits, studying photography (she uses her mom’s old Pentax K1000 to snap photos on black-and-white film) and majoring in creative writing in college. “For years, writing was all I did, and I wasn’t sure if I was living to write or writing to live. I didn’t know if it was a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy and I was doing things just so I could write about them.” Now the native New Yorker is more interested in relishing the moment and teasing herself with what might come next.

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