Raina Lawson


York, Pennsylvania
My true passion
Adopting animals and rescuing those in need of forever homes
Favorite place on Earth
Disney World
Words of advice
Be kind to each other.
Model and actress Raina Lawson is known for her unforgettable photo shoots as much as the headlines regarding whom she’s dating. In 2015, the tabloids were abuzz after linking her to Twilight Saga star Taylor Lautner. The main question many celeb journalists asked was who was this beautiful and mysterious women. They’d soon find out that the Pennsylvania-born beauty had her own celebrity power, having worked with agencies like Wilhelmina and Photogenics. In fact, among her Hollywood friends was Disney starlet Bella Thorne, famous for her role on the hit series Shake It Up. Lawson is perhaps best known for her work with Playboy, doing a yacht-inspired spread that sent souls sailing. She is also a huger supporter of the charity clothing line Arm the Animals. “Help us teach people to ADOPT, not shop for pets! Too many pets have to get put to sleep because of overcrowding in shelters,” she tweeted, showing a picture of herself in one of the group’s t-shirts. “Grab an ‘Arm the Animals’ shirt to show your support for all the animals who can’t speak for themselves!” Lawson can also count herself an actress, appearing in the video shorts The Chainsmokers, Waterbed and Professional Tales.

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