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Asheville, North Carolina
My nickname
My best friend
My sister, Margaret Qualley
When it comes to actress/singer Rainey Qualley, you can say the talent is in her blood. The daughter of actress Andie MacDowell and sister to The Leftovers actress Margaret Qualley, this entertainment wunderkind is carving a path of ambition that was nurtured by her Montana-bred childhood. “That was a really idyllic place to grow up,” she told Vanity Fair in 1994 interview. “We didn’t have TV or anything.” 

Qualley made her film debut in 2012, starring alongside her mom in the family drama Mighty Fine, which also starred Chaz Palminteri. But Qualley became best known for headlining the 2014 film Falcon Song, playing a rancher’s granddaughter who finds her true calling as a singer. It couldn’t be a role closer to her heart as she’s also a rising singer-songwriter who’s finding her voice under the name Rainsford. “Most of my songs are deeply personal, so they’re about relationships or depression or whatever I’m going through at the moment,” she explained to the New York Post. “I’ve been having a lot of f–ked up dreams, so I’ve been writing about that. Sometimes f–ked up good, sometimes f–ked up bad. Just, like, really intense.” And people are listening; Rainey made her musical debut with the critically acclaimed EP, Emotional Support Animal.

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