Raluca Cojocaru


Craiova, Romania
On boundaries
I know my limits. I don’t pay attention to them, but I do know them.
Zodiac sign
Words of advice
Like wildflowers, you must allow to grow in all the places people thought you never would.
When Rudy Law, Playboy’s first Hong Kong photographer, was searching for models to shoot he knew the publication’s high standards. So when he saw Bali-based model Raluca Cojocaru he instantly knew she fit the bill, booking her for a five-hour shoot. And the stunner, while armed with some irresistible curves and an undeniable beauty, had just the right, take-no-prisoners attitude that comes with her astrological sign. 

"A Taurus will not laugh behind your back,” she told Playboy. “They will do it right in front of you." Born in Romanian, Cojocaru is signed to agencies One Models as well as Bellezon. As a social media influencer, her Instagram page is filled with pics that highlight her angelic loveliness, shoots in exotic locations and profound thoughts. “When you meet paradise,” she captioned one of her pics, “and you realize is not just a place!” And her thoughts can also work at challenging the shallowness of her glamorous world. “Mirrors show us what we look like,” reads another caption, “not who we are.” For this dazzling body of talent and introspection, it’s about pushing the boundaries. As she explained to Playboy: “I know my limits. I don’t pay attention to them, but I do know them.”

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