Roos Van Montfort


Geldrop, Netherlands
My fantasy
To become a Bond girl.
Hidden talent
Belly dancing
Funny, confident men

For our 60th anniversary issue, nothing but an epic Playmate shoot would do. When we found January 2014 Playmate Roos (pronounced “Rose”) van Montfort, we knew we had our woman. This entrancing Dutch model turned New Yorker, grew up surrounded by windmills and tulips. Her birthplace in the Netherlands, Geldrop, has an entire district with streets named for J.R.R. Tolkien characters. When we learned that Roos was also a fan of Xena: Warrior Princess, we had our epiphany. We would find a mysterious castle (somewhere in Hollywood), hire a few wolves and deck her out in wintry Gothic splendor. “Those animals were so beautiful and fluffy that I wanted to cuddle with them,” says Roos of her wolf mates. “But I wasn’t allowed. They’re dangerous and wild and can’t be completely tamed.” Neither can Roos. Among her pleasures—shopping, cooking, chocolate and hip-hop—she admits to more physical passions. “I don’t think you can ever have too much sex,” she says with a smoky laugh. “But I can be tough when it comes to emotions. I don’t like to cry over a guy. I like to move on. If I’m single and have no one flirting with me, well...I can’t just live off the attention of my friends. I need a man.” So does the January Playmate have a guy lined up for New Year’s Eve? “I’m single at the moment,” she says, “but my ­playboy shoot has inspired me. Maybe I’ll buy a castle and make it warm and cozy with candlelight and my wolves.” Then she pauses and smiles. “And a man."