Samantha Michelle


Miami, Florida
Mind reader
I’ve always been fascinated with what’s inside people’s heads. I’m considering going for my doctorate in psychology. I intend to use my education to help others. I’d like to help patients get the right treatment.
Staying focused
I’m not dating much right now—I see it as a distraction. When I need to concentrate on papers or finals, I remind myself to think about the long term. Studying may be annoying, but it brings rewards in the end. I think it’s important to give 100 percent in whatever I do.
Sexiness is...
Myself! Just kidding—sort of. Sexiness is having the confidence to be cutthroat when it’s necessary and to be soft and sweet the rest of the time.
"I'm sweet most of the time, but one wrong move and you'll get stung," says Samantha Michelle, who's known as Sam by those close to her. A student at Miami Dade College who's majoring in Psychology, she's serious about her future. "After I graduate, I intend to use my education to help anybody who is having trouble trying to figure themselves out or educate a person on why someone they love may be the way they are. Although, if I did go deeper into the psychology path and went for my PhD or doctorate then I would like to help patients by looking at their brain scans before a psychiatrist or even the psychologist prescribes them any medicine solely based on what they are feeling. Looking at a brain scan will pinpoint the problem, avoiding wrong prescriptions that can turn into drug addictions or make you feel worse instead of better. That is the kind of change I would like to bring." But that doesn't mean she takes life too seriously. "I love flowers (especially roses), chocolate, the color black, chains and chokers."

When she's not studying, Sam is about striking a balance: "I enjoy going to the gym, it makes me feel better about myself physically and mentally. I am a fan of yoga as well. I also like to spend time with close friends and take cool pictures." And to anyone who doesn't understand why she would pose for Playboy, she has this to say: "I would tell them to grow up. Stop being narrow minded and boring. Sex and sexuality is a part of us all, no matter how much some may try to hide it from the public. At the end of the day it is only an opinion. Popular or unpopular, someone is always going to have something to say so I encourage women and others to do what they want with no shame involved!"

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