Sandra Kubicka


Łódź, Poland
On being impatient
I’m a horrible brat. When I want something, I want it now or no other time.
On being a veteran model
People say, ‘You’re such a baby.’ I feel like I’m so old because I’ve seen and experienced so much.”
My favorite hobby
I’m a maniac when it comes to baking. Banana bread and tiramisu are my specialties.
“I was born in Poland, where I was raised by my grandparents, and moved to Miami when I was 12 years old to meet my mother. The next year, I started working.” Kubicka (pronounced Koo-beetz-kah) spent her teen years modeling for commercials, catalogs and music videos, before graduating to print and runway. The September 2017 Playboy Poland cover girl currently lives between Miami and Aspen, satisfying her affinity for the outdoors. While she’s an avid snowboarder and soccer fan (FC Barcelona is her team), Kubicka names the beach as her spirit destination. “When I’m sweating and then go in the ocean and come out with salty hair, sun-kissed with tan lines: That’s when I feel sexiest.”

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