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Sarasota, Florida
My definition of sexy
Determined and independent
Perfect date
Good food, great wine and LOTS of sweets!
I can't live without
February 2013 Playmate Shawn Dillon is a Sarasota sunbeam on a cloudy day. The self-described mermaid is tall, blonde, and titillating, with a body that bikinis were made for. Luckily, she’s all about that. Shawn has won multiple bikini competitions held in Las Vegas, the Bahamas, and more. She’s a girl who knows how to maximize her assets. "I'm a mermaid who loves being by the water more than anything," the Florida native told Playboy in January 2013, "It's where I feel happiest and most at peace. It's like heaven to me." Well, that, and doing fishing-inspired shoots for the magazine.

 "I have three brothers, and growing up we were constantly fishing, be it off my aunt and uncle's boat in the Biminis or in the lake in our backyard," she explained, "I'm a great fisher. We still have competitions to see who can catch the most or biggest fish!" But life isn’t all fishing and bikini competitions for Miss February 2013. Shawn bragged to the magazine that she surfs, she’s a certified scuba diver, and loves to wakeboard too. And you wouln’t know it from looking at her, but she has some well-placed nautical tattoos too.  

She loved her first Playmate of the Month shoot, because "It [represented] me 100 percent. When they told me I was going to be shooting down in the Keys, I figured it was perfect!” Shawn added flirtatiously, “I got to swim around nude all day”. It’s a good thing that “being naked feels completely natural” to the model — but let’s hope she at least puts a bikini on to fish in.

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