Stacey Dash

It was obvious when she posed for Playboy in 2006 that Stacey Dash was a stunning enigma worth discovering. She’s easily one of the most breathtaking women ever to grace our publication. But, there is more. The Bronx-born, LA girl is a fantastic hybrid of no apologies and self-acceptance. "It's wonderful to grow up and into your own body," she told us with a slight Bronx lilt. "You accept your flaws and start to love them." Perhaps inspired by her coquettish Playboy shoot, Stacey, first cousin of Rocawear co-founder Damon Dash, dabbled in a lingerie collection called Letters of Marque. The look was vintage sexy intimate wear but the name of the brand was all Stacey. "The name takes its inspiration from the pillaging of booty and stuff," Dash, who’s of Dutch Pirate lineage, cheekily joked about the short-lived line. “So...the pillaging of booty wouldn't have a double meaning, would it? It is lingerie, after all.”

The former Obama supporter turned conservative combatant was fearless as she stood her ground against detractors, critics and comedians who trashed her red politics. But she took a cautious step back when it came to actually taking political office. Stacey may have dashed (pun intended) her Congressional bid in California in 2018 but her charging spirit marched on. The actress who marked the 20th anniversary of Clueless in 2015—her dazzling breakout role— has since kept busy in a variety of small screen projects including Single Ladies, YouTube Red's The Thinning and Sharknado 4. She even did a stint as a Fox News commentator and post her TV news career stays busy on social media, where she regularly amplifies her Republican worldview. She’s all, everything and next. There’s really no stopping this sexy mama of two. Our favorite way to celebrate this complex crème brûlée vision of dashing beauty? Simply getting lost in the flirty pool of Stacey’s green-eyed gaze, of course.

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