Stephanie Beatriz

Photographer Bryan Rodner Carr


Neuquén, Argentina
Guilty pleasure
The Bachelor
Favorite role model
Frida Khalo
After immigrating from Argentina at age three and growing up in a conservative town outside of Galveston, Texas, Beatriz never saw heroes who looked like her in film or television. They were rarely Latina, and they were never queer. Now she's had the honor of playing one of television's most beloved cops and possibly one of the few positive representations of a bisexual character on television. Beatriz hopes her characters inspire queer Latinx youth to be who they are every step of the way. 

"It's so much harder to become something if you don't see that it's a possibility. But the great thing about television and film is that nothing is impossible. That's sort of what we're in the business of doing: making the impossible possible." 

With five seasons and counting of Brooklyn Nine-Nine under her belt along with an impressive indie debut, there's no holding her back.

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