Tamara Ecclestone


Milan, Italy
The biggest misconception about me
People say, "You’re the European Paris Hilton." I’m the opposite of that.
Launching lifestyle businesses
Formula One
Tamara Ecclestone is a name worthy of an European heiress. How fortunate that she happens to be one. Born in Milan to a family of fame and fortune, Tamara wants it known that she’s not the other side of the Atlantic’s equivalent of Paris Hilton: She’s just her fabulous self. Known throughout the United Kingdom as “The Billion Dollar Girl”, the lithe, striking beauty is famous as a television presenter, occasional, charismatic star of reality television, and heiress to an auto-racing fortune. Her father Bernie is thought to be the 12th-richest man in the United Kingdom, which is where that little “billion” number comes in. (He’s the CEO of Formula One racing, which is the world’s most lucrative and widely-enjoyed professional racing circuit.) "I know I'm never going to be as successful as my dad," she revealed to Playboy in May 2013, "but I get bored doing nothing. I couldn't go from vacation to vacation and have no motivation." Instead, Tamara throws herself into her work, her modeling, and charitable efforts.

So, how did she find time to model for Playboy? As it turns out, it was something she’d always wanted to do — and she inherited the gene. Tamara’s mother Slavica hails from Croatia, where she had a career as a fashion model herself, and complete with the occasional nude shoot. That aside, Tamara posed to make the magazine’s readers happy! Or she joked at first. “I don’t have a problem with nakedness,” she winked.Speaking of nakedness, readers might be surprised to discover she has a few well-hidden tattoos. A Marilyn Monroe quote is cute, but what’s up with her own name inside a tiara? That seems like one better suited for one of her jet-setting beaus. Was it a mistake after a headline-making night out at a London club, perhaps? “People always joke that I’m a princess,” she said, with a devilish gleam in her eye, “I thought I’d make the joke first”.

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