Teri Polo


Dover, Delaware
My go-to drink
Negra Modelo
I'm happiest when...
It rains.
I want to...
Go scuba diving, sky-diving, see the world. I'm an avid supporter of living life to its fullest and not always waiting for tomorrow.
Teri Polo has logged a number of years in the entertainment industry, showing up as a regularly on TV shows such as The Practice, Northern Exposure and Felicity, as well as in wretched little-seen flicks such as Born to Ride (with John Stamos) and Mystery Date (with Ethan Hawke); that she's about to become a regular on The West Wing; and that she can look pretty darn saucy when she's not looking pretty darn frowsy. While shooting Meet the Fockers, Teri apparently called Babs "Boob," after which Boob became Streisand's nickname. We asked Teri about this, and she told us the moniker was fine with Streisand for a while, but then she got tired of it and let Teri know that maybe she didn't what to be Boob anymore.