Tess Jantschek


London, England
On lingerie
I love sexy sophisticated lingerie. I wear a lot of La Perla.
I got my start modeling when...
There was a mother-daughter competition in Paris for Comptoir des Cotonniers. My mom was like, "Tess, let's go to this."
My personal muse
Natalia Vodianova has been my favorite model ever since I was 14. I don’t have a reason why, but she has always been.
"I have a twin brother so we would do things together," says Tess Jantschek of her childhood. "I was quite a tomboy. I used to dance on the street with my friends. It kept me down to earth–being born and raised in London." In addition to being a full-time model, Jantschek is also a dancer. "I always wanted to be a dancer. I studied dance for years but I went into modeling and didn’t stop. I really enjoy it." 

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