Tommy Genesis


Vancouver, Canada
On remaining enigmatic
If I had it my way, you wouldn't know my gender. I hate being put in any box.
On fetish rap
Oral fixation. Sexual deviance. Saying things to get a reaction or coveting sexual experiences. I didn't know how else to say, 'You think I'm rapping but I just sex talk.'
Art should be able to...
Operate on its own. In art theory, there's a concept called phenomenology. It's not something you have to sit there and explain in a critique, but something the viewer can discover.
“I’ll be in the studio and I’ll say something, and everyone will be like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. But I didn’t even realize what I said was shocking. Nothing’s shocking to me.” When Tommy Genesis says that, you believe her. The self-proclaimed “fetish rapper,” who was born in Vancouver, signed with Atlanta-based Awful Records in 2015 and by 2016, had been dubbed  "the internet's most rebellious underground rap queen” by Dazed. “It’s important I have control. That way nobody can tell me who I need to be, or dictate my identity or my sexuality,” says Genesis. “People tell me, ‘You have to relinquish control, Tommy,’ And I’m just like, ‘What if I don’t?’” With her new album Genesis, she’s by no means giving up control, but she is shifting gears. “The difference is I’m not writing for me,” she explains. “I’m writing for you.”

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